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The strongest teams win because they have built a "bench" of professionals with specialized talents, brains, and experience to be relied upon. We have worked with many of the best.

Insight Health Partners has assembled an enviable network of healthcare professionals who have proven, time and again, to share our high standards and demonstrate the ability to meld quickly into a cohesive unit that will focus on you and your organization's goals.

For every project, we pursue a carefully considered strategy that includes assembling the most nimble and capable team we can muster. Here are a few of the contractors, associates, and trusted advisers we rely upon to help us deliver your satisfaction with a job well done.

Our bench
is deep
with talent.

brett 4.jpg

Craig Pederson


  • Physician Compensation

  • Physician-Hospital Alignment

  • Physician Group Governance

Brett Turner


  • Strategic Planning

  • Provider Resource Plans

  • Service Line Planning

Kathy Versemann


  • Physician Compensation Profiling

  • Analytics

Bill Vandivier, DO


  • Physician Group Performance Improvement

  • Clinical Informatics

  • Physician Group Leadership/Governance

gene pic.jpg

Cliff Frank


  • Managed Care Strategy

  • Group Practice Operations

Harold Emahiser


  • Distressed Hospital Strategy

  • Financial Modeling

  • Performance Improvement Planning

Eugene McCarthy


  • Hospital Staffing Benchmarking

  • Performance Improvement Planning

  • Provider Operations

Les Stern


  • Group Practice Operations/Staffing

  • Performance Improvement Planning

  • Physician Group Leadership

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