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Financial Advisory Services


  • Financial impact analyses. 

  • Feasibility planning.

  • Business planning. 

  • Funds flow.

  • Valuation services. 

  • Strategic financial assessments.

  • GME and academic funds flow analysis.

  • Hospital turnarounds.


Whether you want to improve the functionality of one department, develop a plan for improvements in the utilization of your current buildings or plan for future growth, Insight Health Partners will provide a wide range of healthcare facilities planning and support services. Before a new strategic arrangement is finalized, we can provide an objective review of the facts to confirm and validate major planning assumptions. Insight conducts a thorough demand assessment and volume-projection analysis performed by highly experienced professionals, each committed to pursue thoughtful and fully-reasoned assumptions for the future.


We help you identify the most effective facilities allocation and development strategies to reach your defined operational goals. The results we strive for include:

  • Increased patient and staff satisfaction

  • Enhanced competitive configuration

  • Higher operational and functional efficiency

  • Lower facilities development and operational costs





Consolidation Business Plan

A Consolidation Business Plan is an essential component of any merger-like transaction that can give you the confidence you need to proceed prior to making a long-term commitment. As developed by Insight, consolidated business planning yields a critical checklist of factors that can make or break the success of a new strategic partnership, including:

  • Financial considerations based on past performance with forecasts for the future

  • Issues and recommendations for merging organizational cultures

  • Physician alignment strategies to promote integration

  • Opportunities to make the most of new strengths and capacities

  • Options for maximizing efficiency under the new organizational structure


Business Planning Funds Flow Assessment

A clear understanding of the sources and uses of funds for all service components is critical when establishing a collaborative practice between a hospital and physicians, or between a medical center, a medical school and a faculty practice plan. The goal of a Funds Flow Assessment is to create an environment for disciplined business practices in the clinical enterprise that allows achievement of sustainable operating margins required for future investments, appropriate bond ratings. and the attainment of critical financial ratios


Working with numerous client organizations on Funds Flow projects, we developed standards and formulas for valuing resident teaching as well as benchmarks for appropriate strategic funding, administrative time and clinical practice income. IHP’s Funds Flow Assessments analyze time, effort, payment for services and strategic support by using mission-based allocation of funding and resource consumption as the guiding principle. For both hospital-owned physician groups and faculty practice plans, our approach can provide a viable transition from “deal-oriented” funding to a business planning model as well as defines the amount and sources of revenue available for medical school departments and/or physician practices.

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