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Physician Services


We’ve noted that the increased demand for physician services also drives the need to examine systems and processes of the practice for improvements. This is true across standalone medical groups owned by hospitals as well as faculty practices that are part of university systems. With so much complexity in legal changes and staffing issues, it can be daunting to identify opportunities for improvement as well as confirm availability of the right metrics to measure performance. This is where Insight Health Partners can help.


Insight Health Partners offers a team of highly experienced industry executives who draw upon their own experience as well as knowledge gained through working with physician practices of every size, from small physician groups to large faculty practice plans. We have developed standards and formulas for assessment as well as the knowledge to guide you to ask the right questions and derive meaningful answers from your data.

Trouble spots we have tamed include physician contracting, professional billing, scheduling, and metrics for measuring practice performance.

Key Services:


  • Physician Alignment Strategies

  • Physician Compensation Plans

  • FMV Opinions

  • Community Needs Assessment

  • Group Practice Development

  • Operational Assessment

  • Revenue Cycle Assessment

  • Funds Flow Assessment

  • Development of PCMHs

Institutions We Serve:
  • Community hospitals and health systems
  • Academic medical centers
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Medical schools
  • Large physician groups
  • Faculty practice plans
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