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We chose the owl as our logo because of its acute hearing and clear vision – two traits that we not only value but put to use every day. When we work with clients, we take the time to observe and listen closely. Our job is to listen to many people within the client organizations—people who often have divergent viewpoints.


This means talking with managers, directors, physicians, senior leaders and others, analyzing data, reading extensively from reports, white papers, and internal analyses, all of which help us quickly become oriented to the business, the culture and the situation.


Taken together, these factors facilitate open lines of communication and encourage trust along with a sense of ownership. When we partner with you, we work as peers and guides, helping your team move forward. Together, we’ll work towards sustainable results and long-term success.


We are not a traditional consulting firm. Our strength is our experience in developing realistic, tactical plans and in identifying appropriate organizational, market and growth strategies to respond to a changing environment.

We believe that the design and execution of long range planning efforts, essential to the growth and vision of an organization, must be grounded in reality. From this foundation come three pivotal values that express our consulting style -



We are completely independent. Our privately-held, principal-driven firm is a consortium of seasoned executives with decades of experience, dedicated to giving our clients actionable, practical advice to meet and overcome the challenges they face.



We are committed to complete objectivity in our engagements. This means we have no ties or relationships with individuals or organizations that might compromise the integrity of our work. All of Insight’s principals and consultants work exclusively in healthcare, and we have proven expertise in assisting hospitals, health systems, AMCs and large physician groups.



We will only represent the best interests of our client organization and never those of an individual. While the recommendations we make often force clients to address difficult issues, we will not compromise the nature or content – even if the client finds the message unpalatable. Our recommendations, whether easy, difficult or downright challenging, are founded in data-driven analysis and experience earned over hundreds of engagements, and we will stand by them.



Our team of professionals has decades of executive management and consulting experience across hundreds of engagements, yet there’s nothing "cookie-cutter" about how we approach our client engagements. We use a proven methodology that gives structure to our work yet provides the flexibility to tailor and focus our efforts to meet your particular issues and objectives.

We are client-centric

Before we develop a proposal, we work with you to determine specific, realistic performance objectives and timetables. Naturally, these are further refined as we get to know you better.

We give practical advice

The recommendations we deliver to you are detailed, practical and designed for swift implementation and sustainable results.

We are experienced

We use only senior healthcare executives, nurses and physicians who have the practical experience, analytical skills, and judgment to resolve the issues your organization faces.


We stick to what we know well


We only agree to do the types of projects we do well. We will not accept engagements where a client wants to restrict the scope of work to something less than what we believe is prudent, or if the requested work falls outside of our core competencies, or if the best consultant for the job is unavail- able. Our goal is to generate value and create client satisfaction, knowing our reputation is based solely on the quality of our work.


We collaborate and educate


We believe results are always achieved jointly when our team is intensely involved in an on-site partnership with your team. We focus on you – not the next job – so your executives and managers learn from our experience and are positioned to sustain the momentum of the improvement initiative.

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